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CBD is popping up everywhere. From the World Health Organization releasing a report claiming that CBD presented no public health risk to CNN running multi hour specials about the exciting compound to the Olympic committee announcing that CBD is okay to use, CBD is on everyone’s mind.1

While CBD was once purely associated with “marijuana,” people are waking up to the common sense logic that CBD is useful in maintaining good health. With an enormous number of health benefits and life improving properties, it is evident that CBD has an important role in society.

However, there are still doubters misconceptions that continue to pop up.


Why Hasn’t CBD Been Studied More Thoroughly?

A survey of American medical schools found that only 13% of medical schools are teaching or mentioning the endocannabinoid system in their curriculums.3 Considering the fact that there are more cannabinoid receptors in your brain than any other type of receptor,4 this seems like a strange occurrence. Why wouldn’t doctors be talking about such an important system? The endocannabinoid system and CBD are relatively new topics in the medical world. It is difficult to explain why they have not been incorporated into the medical curriculums of schools everywhere. We don’t have an answer to this question. The best thing you can do is continue to educate yourself and others about this miraculous and essential system. In time, there will be a shift in the consciousness in the medical world that results in changes to the way all humans think about health.


A stigma against cannabis and hemp still exists throughout the world thanks to enormous propaganda efforts of the past. LEARN MORE ABOUT PROPOGANDA IN CHAPTER 3 Even with this stigma, many people are beginning to open their eyes to miraculous potential of CBD. Thanks to features in CNN, The New York Times, and other major media outlets, the public is coming around to the idea that hemp and CBD are not the devils they were once portrayed to be. In fact, they suggest that CBD plant medicine may be just what the western world needs to help solve chronic body issues. CBD lacks the pungent smell, the psychoactive effects, and can be taken discreetly. The overwhelming positive benefits will make taking CBD as normal as taking a daily multivitamin.