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As CBD enters the mainstream popularity, more and more ways of taking CBD continue to pop up. It is such a popular supplement because it produces all of the health benefits associated with hemp without producing any psychoactive effects.

What’s the best way to take CBD and incorporate it into your life? We put together a list of some of the most common methods below:

Did you know that your skin has endocannabinoid receptors? There are more cannabinoid receptors on your skin than anywhere else in your body. Topicals let you rub CBD anywhere on your body. By applying a topical, you’ll bypass the liver and experience more focused relief that comes on faster. Rather than having to wait to experience changes as you would when consuming CBD as an edible, you can feel changes quickly.


Got an ache or pain somewhere? Have some parts of your skin that just aren’t feeling or looking that great? Rub some CBD topical wherever you’re experiencing discomfort.If you’ve got any sort of burns or infections, CBD can provide some wonderful relief.


CBD also has anti-oxidant and promotes less of an inflammatory response. It is best to try topicals wherever you may be experiencing discomfort or want to see an improvement. Some people love using CBD to give their skin a nice and new glow. Many people with skin allergies find that CBD topicals work well.
CBD Oils are one of the most common ways of consuming CBD.

CBD oils are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3s. Along with CBD, there are many other cannabinoids and terpenes found within tinctures that also provide a wealth of benefits.

Oils tend to provide a quick response within the body. Oils are placed under the tongue and absorbed primarily in the mouth, then swallowed. Because the CBD in oils is absorbed in the mouth, their effects tend to come on quickly. The effects of tinctures can come on within 5 minutes and tend to last a few hours. One of the best things about using an oil is that they can be added to food. Add them to smoothies, dressings, beverages, and your favorite dishes to get an additional boost of CBD in your day.

There’s many different reasons why you might want to vape CBD. Vaping CBD is the most rapid and effective way of experiencing CBD results in the body.

Vaping allows your body to absorb CBD through the lungs and it gets to the bloodstream much quicker because it bypasses the liver. While this allows for a quicker effect with vaping, it also means that the effects will not last as long. If you already vape, you can add CBD vape oil to your existing e-liquid and vape away. For those who don’t vape or are unfamiliar with vaping, a vaporizer is a device that instantaneously heats up a liquid until it gets to a temperature that causes the liquid to become a gas. The gas is then inhaled. The liquid used within a vaporizer is known as e-liquid. You can add CBD vape oil to regular vape e-liquid or vape CBD oil on its own.

There’s many different reasons why you might want to vape CBD. Vaping CBD is the most rapid and effective way of experiencing CBD results in the body.

Taking CBD gummies or other edibles is one of the most enjoyable ways of consuming CBD. Not only do you get a tasty treat, but you get a beneficial supplement that can improve your life. Edibles tend to take the longest for their effects to be felt. While they take awhile to kick in, they also last the longest. Their effects tend to take around an hour or two to be felt and can last for up to 8 hours. Gummies are one of the most common types of edibles. They are great for determining a good dosage amount and are subtle enough to be taken on the go and in public.
This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of consuming of CBD. Soft gels are small gelatin encapsulated oil that you pop in your mouth. The effects of soft gels are similar to those of edibles. They take around an hour or two to begin feeling and can last for around 8 hours, depending on your tolerance and what you’ve eaten that day. Since soft gels are ingested, nano-emulsified CBD oil is best for better efficacy.


Everyone’s answer will be different. Do you want something that is easy that you can take with you everywhere? Soft gels may be the answer for you. Do you want an immediate effect that kicks in exactly when you want it to? Vaping may be the way to go. The most popular and versatile are CBD oil drops or tinctures. The best way to figure out which way of taking CBD is right for you is to try out a few methods and see which ones work best for you. Many people get multiple different types and use them in different situations depending on how they’re feeling.